In a move absolutely everyone saw coming, the usual suspects are SHOCKED! HORRIFIED! DISMAYED! to hear the news that American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook has a hunting show.

From this story in the New York Daily News:
_Kristy Lee Cook is coming under fire for, well, firing at animals. In Defense of Animals is lashing out at the “American Idol” finalist over her new show, “Goin’ Country,” reports. The Versus cable network series — which airs this fall — follows Cook during her day-to-day life, which includes hunting her way across the country while at the same time trying to win a record contract (Arista Nashville and 19 Recordings released her first album, “Why Wait,” in 2008, but she parted ways with the label last year
_”It’s so much fun in the outdoors and when you harvest something for the meat it really means much more than just going out to the grocery store and buying it,” Cook told Fox411. “I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it. It’s the food chain. Animals are here for us to eat.”

In Defense took issue with the 26-year-old’s statement and attempted to set her straight. “Contrary to Kristy Lee’s beliefs, animals are meant to live out their lives in peace, not to be killed for our enjoyment,” they told

Not to be outdone by those glory-hounding small-time posers over at In Defense of Animals, PETA issued its own press release, saying “Instead of angering thousands of would-be fans by killing helpless animals on camera in attempt to get her ’15 Minutes of Shame,’ Kristy Lee Cook’s fame crusade would be better served by following in the footsteps of fellow Idol alum-turned-country-stars Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler–as well as Simon Cowell–all of whom have used their fame and talent to speak up for animals.”_