I realize that not many of you can read, so I’d appreciate it if you’d spread this among your less literate colleagues. If you watch the nature shows on television you are liable to get swelled heads over all the swill that is spoken about you. “Magnificent symbols of the wild,” etc., ad nauseum.

Well, you have a place in the wild as long as you don’t act like grizzlies. Just ask the sow who was put to death a few days ago for killing a fly fisherman. If she had been smart she would have ignored millions of years of acquired evolutionary knowledge and the fact that her cubs were not getting enough to eat, and walked wide of the people in tents. But sink a fang in a human and you are going to get a trip to bear heaven, and your cubs will spend the rest of their lives in a cage, wondering what the hell they ever did to deserve this.

Remember Timothy Treadwell? Was there ever a bigger pain in the ass? The boar who taught him what was what caught a bullet for his pains. No matter what humans do, they are right and you are wrong, so watch your asses.

And that goes double for “tame” elephants and chimpanzees.