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I’ve hunted big game and eaten it for forty-odd years, and according to a petition filed with the Environmental Protection Agency by the Center for Biological Diversity I should no longer be breathing air and writing blog posts because of all the lead I’ve ingested. My continued existence notwithstanding, the Center for Biological Diversity wants to ban all lead or lead-core bullets, target ammo included. All of it.

Let us not dwell upon this ludicrous proposal itself, but on the current administration, which is no friend to gun owners or users and would be thrilled to get at us in any way they can. Let us also reflect on the fact that in Obamaworld, real-world knowledge always ends up sucking hind tit to theory, and that no theory is too crackpot to find a home somewhere in the nation’s capital.

The catastrophic drop in ammunition sales which is sure to follow a lead ban will eliminate much of the current funding for wildlife preservation, and the resulting economic dislocation will cost far more jobs than anyone in the EPA can imagine. Let the EPA know about this. The people to e-mail are Owens.steve@epa.gov and Jackson.lisa@epa.gov. Also, write your Congressman, and let them know how you feel about further job losses, and remind them that as the November elections are less than 100 days away, they may soon acquire some knowledge about job loss themselves.