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The HB-ST is plain (black, injection-molded stock, blued steel) and the fit and finish is beautiful. The trigger is virtually perfect–2.5 pounds and no movement at all. It is, as you might expect, a shooter.


Federal Power-Shok 150-gr. SP .687
Remington Core-Lokt 150-gr. .976
Hornady 168-gr. A-Max handload 1.382
Winchester 180-gr. Power Point 1.324
Swift Scirocco 165-gr. handload 1.168
Nosler 150-gr. E-Tip handload 1.010

Now comes the really important part, so pay attention. This is not only an accurate rifle, but it is a rifle that is easy to shoot accurately, which is not the same thing. Its weight, lack of recoil, and beautiful trigger make it about the most pleasurable big-game rifle I have used since I got the Ozark. It does not dance, jiggle, twitch, or spasm when you put it to your shoulder. It will not cause you to bleed from most of your major orifices. It goes off without a discussion.

And, speaking of the Ozark, if you could find one today it would cost about $2,500, used. The MSRP for this rifle is $629. Weatherby claims that the Vanguard is the best rifle bargain on the market. I’m not about to argue. – David E. Petzal