Seven Dogs Die on Commercial Airline Flight

Very sad news out of Chicago. According to a report on CNN, seven dogs died yesterday after an American Airlines flight from Tulsa, Okla., to O’Hare International. It has been reported that the animals looked lethargic when they were removed from the plane, so ramp workers tried to cool them off. When that didn’t help, the dogs were sent to a Vet’s office where they died. (All of the dogs were bound for different locations.)

There were a total of 14 dogs on the flight. There have been no reported problems with the remaining dogs.

The incident is under investigation, but heat-related illness might have been a factor. The temperature was 87 degrees at the Tulsa airport when then the plane took off.

According to American Airlines, they normally transport 100,000 animals a year. It’s true that there are very few incidents like the one that occurred yesterday. And I know plenty of professional dog trainers who routinely travel the skies with their dogs. But I’ll admit that I’m more than hesitant to stow Pritchard on any airline flight. When it comes to hunting trips, like our upcoming expedition to the ducks grounds of Arkansas this winter, I’ll be driving Ms. Pritch.

How about the rest of you? Do you typically fly your dog to distant locales or travel via the highways and byways with your best friend?