Ancient hunters have been blamed for everything from the disappearance of large mammal species to global warming. But according to a recent study, we’re blameless, after all. At least for the mammoth thing.

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Dwindling Green Pastures, Not Hunting, May Have Killed Off the Mammoth.
A massive reduction in grasslands and the spread of forests may have been the primary cause of the decline of mammals such as the woolly mammoth, woolly rhino and cave lion, according to Durham University scientists. The findings of the new study challenge the theory that human beings were the primary cause of the extinction of mammals through hunting, competition for land and increased pressure on habitats.

The research is part of the most comprehensive study to date of Northern Hemisphere climate and vegetation during and after the height of the last Ice Age, 21,000 years ago. It shows that, over a huge part of the Earth’s surface, there was a massive decline in the productivity and extent of grasslands due to climatic warming and the spread of forests. These habitat changes made grazing much more difficult for large mammals and dramatically reduced the amount of food available for them. The changes in grassland quality and availability coincided with increases in the distribution and abundance of modern man, Homo sapiens, ensuring a time of wide-scale upheaval for herbivorous mammals and other mammals that preyed on them.
Well that’s a relief. At least PETA can stop harping us about that one. Now if we could just get someone to come up with a study to get us off the hook for climate change …