Trail Camera photo

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The explosion in the popularity of trail cameras over the past decade or so has led to an entirely new genre of photography and Internet speculation. Mountain lions, wolves, Bigfoot, chupacabras, giant snakes, leprechauns, Jimmy Hoffa, if it inhabits the world of cryptozoology, it’s been “captured” on a trail cam. You knew it was just a matter of time before someone caught a UFO on their Bushnell…

From this story on KTSM TV in Dallas, Texas:
A motion-activated camera at a Fort Worth family’s favorite hunting spot is capturing shots of mysterious objects. Lisa Brock-Piekarski’s game camera is supposed to take pictures of the deer on her Archer City hunting lease, but the pictures show something she can’t explain. “What I see looks almost like a Frisbee,” she said. “You see a several lights going around, and they’re all symmetrical and lit up, and it just looks like an object in the sky.” Brock-Piekarski’s is hesitant to call the string of lights in the sky UFOs, although she can’t identify the flying objects.



__”We’ve seen falling stars, all kinds of stuff out there because you’re away form the city,” she said. “Anytime there’s a meteor shower or anything, you can see it a lot better, but I’ve never seen anything like that.” Brock-Piekarski said the pictures were taken by a single motion-activated game camera. The equipment wasn’t moved, and it doesn’t have a flash. Instead, it uses infrared.

She said she has ruled out light posts or cell phone towers because the area is pretty empty. “There’s nothing back there but trees and sky,” she said. “There’s no hills, no buildings, nothing back there. It’s all flat.” Timestamps on several pictures also show that the object hovered in the air for almost two hours. Whatever it is, she is now a little hesitant to go out to her deer blind alone. “It’s creepy,” Brock-Piekarski said. “I don’t know if I want to be sitting out in my deer stand by my self anymore, hunting.”

Archer City, which is just south of Wichita Falls, is also close to Sheppard Air Force Base. The installation did not immediately return requests asking if it had planes up the night the pictures were taken.
Your reaction? Let the speculation begin…