Hunting Dogs photo

I know bird season is approaching when the gun dog catalogs start arriving. And to be honest, I love looking at them all. But I have settled on a few that are my go to shops when I need something for Pritch–or myself. (For the record, I have no affiliations with the below shops nor do I receive discounts from them.)


Ugly Dog Hunting Company: This outfit has the attitude and the goods. Last year when I needed an XS small Avery Boater’s Parka for Pritch, Ugly Dog was the only outfit around that stocked them–and they got it to me quick. So I’m indebted to them. And any gun dog catalog that makes you laugh is a good one in my book.
Dogs Unlimited:** These guys produce a beautiful catalog and solid website. My favorite item from the new catalog is a full pheasant pelt wrapped around a canvas dummy. It’s done right and looks great. But Dogs Unlimited has it all, from canine first aid kits to kennel shades.
Gun Dog Supply:** This is an online-only shop, but owner Steve Snell and his gang have it all covered. If you have questions about products Snell and Team are happy to answer them. All you have to do is call. Snell, who owns 13 gun dogs, understands the obsession, and his shop has excellent customer service. Check out his website for great articles on everything from e-collars to whistles.

What’s your favorite gun dog shop? Or do you do your shopping at the larger stores likes Cabela’s? (Anybody’s heart start racing when the Mack’s Prairie Wings catalog arrives?) Let’s hear it.