Truly huge typical whitetails are a rare beast. One of the reasons for this is that, as a buck grows older, he usually starts throwing the stickers, kickers, drops and flyers that push his rack into the non-typical category.

Of course another reason world-class typicals are rare is that so few live long enough to reach their true potential. Who among us could let a 170-class 10-point walk, in hopes that next fall he’d add the 20″ that would push his score into the stratosphere? I know I couldn’t!
The buck in the video below is easily the biggest typical I’ve ever seen on the hoof. He is alive and well, living somewhere in the state of Minnesota. My friend Max filmed him in his backyard just a handful of days ago. Max told me he sees the giant from time to time, and the buck lives in a suburban area largely off-limits to hunting. Though he’s a diehard bowhunter, Max isn’t pursuing this buck…Though a shed hunt next spring might top his agenda.

Enjoy the film clip (Max apologizes for the shaky footage) of a 7X6 with towering tines that would easily rank among the top typicals in the state.