It’s been a relatively slow summer for trail cam pictures for me this year. So instead of going into rapid-fire delete mode while looking at my last batch, I was spending more than the usual amount of time looking over does and fawns. There are several apple trees growing on one farm I hunt, and whitetails were cleaning up the fruit as soon as it hit the ground. I love trail cam setups by apple trees, as they always result in humorous shots of deer trying to get their maws around fruit way too big for the whitetail mouth.

I was about to delete a photo of this doe when I noticed a strange lump on her neck. It’s been a banner year for ticks, so I figured it was just another bloated parasite…Until I looked closer. The next several shots revealed this was no tick problem. I’ve showed photos of this doe to several friends and asked their opinion about what her odd lumps are. She’s got them everywhere; from smaller ones on her face to a big, ugly one growing right by her tail.

I’ve had guesses ranging from infected tick bites, to cysts, to fibroid tumors. Do any of you know what’s up with this deer? I’ve never seen this before and am looking for clues!