New Rule Number 1: Don’t Set Your Backpack on Fire

F&S Deputy Editor Slaton White sent me this picture snapped at writer’s seminar at the Blackwater training facility in Mt. Carroll, Illinois. I have pixilated out the face of the shooter to protect his identity.


A nylon knapsack probably isn’t the best rest for a short-barreled carbine with a muzzle brake. As you can see, this barrel isn’t quite long enough to clear the end of the bag. Looking through the scope, the shooter could see the target, but not what was happening at the muzzle. Shortly after this picture was taken, says White: “We noticed this funny smell, and the bag was burning.”

New Rule Number 2: Don’t Get Your Butt Kicked by Elmo

This news story has nothing to do with guns, but still:

Picking a fight with Elmo, a beloved, childlike, helium-voiced muppet, is a tacky move to begin with.

Picking a fight with Elmo and getting your butt kicked is inexcusable.

Do that and you are no longer welcome here. Go read some other blog. It’s harsh, I know, but we have to have standards. I hope Dave will agree.