I’ll admit it, I’m a pooper scooper. (And, yes, I realize I’m setting myself up for jokes here.) But I don’t have the niceties of a close wooded lot or huge backyard to let Pritch do her business. More often than not, if we’re not training, Pritchard is dropping bombs on the sidewalks of downtown Charleston, and I’m bagging them. Though recently she’s decided that a mid-road crossing isn’t a bad place to let fly…which has made for some interesting traffic backups. Though I’m usually applauded for my clean-up work. (Thankfully there have been no more sock incidents.)


So I read with interest recently about a dog owner who decided to convert dog waste into energy. Using the same methods applied in some cities overseas, this fellow installed a few big tanks at his local dog park and essentially began collecting methane gas. The gas is then funneled to another tank that powers the street lamp. Click here to watch a video of the system.

Granted we’re not talking about lighting a village here, but I applaud the effort. I guess you could say he’s doing more good than this woman, who allegedly tossed a pile of poop at a neighbor’s doorstep. Seems she thought the neighbor did a, um, crappy job of picking up after her dog. Frontier justice for you. And if it’s true, than props to the poop chucker.

Finally, there’s a condo in Baltimore where the co-op board is threatening to use canine DNA tests to find out which owner is letting their dog drop prizes in the hallways and elevators. Looks like a nice building…who in the hell would leave a turd on the carpet?

And that’s the latest from the Dung Daily. Have a good weekend, folks.