A Florida couple is facing poaching charges after the morons (and really, there’s no other way to describe them) posted pictures on Facebook of them skinning a deer – in May.

From this story on ABC
Two Inveness residents were cited after an nternet crimes unit discovered an illegal deer kill on Facebook. A photo of Tara Anne Carver as she was about to skin the deer was posted on the popular web site, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Along with Carver, William Buchanan were given a citation for possession of wildlife taken illegally. “FWC officers received information that the photos had been published on Facebook and investigated the tip,” said Lt. Steve Farmer, investigations supervisor.

According to the FWC investigator Jim Smith, Buchanan admitted to helping skin the deer and even used his mother’s truck to move the deer after he was called by Carver. He denied shooting the deer. Carver told investigators she placed the photos on Facebook. The deer was killed in May. Smith says she denied killing the deer and instead blamed Buchanan. She skinned the deer and stored some of the meat in her uncle’s freezer. “Fortunately for investigators, pictures can say a thousand words,” Smith said. A third person was involved but was not charged since he is in jail on several felony charges. Possession of illegally taken wildlife is a second degree misdemeanor

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