Break out your tinfoil hat. It seems the government has been placing radioactive salt licks across parts of the cascade Mountains so the region’s deer herd can be tracked by super-secret government satellites. Of course it’s true. The sign says so…


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_Deer and elk aren’t going to glow in the northeast corner of the Mt. Washington Wilderness Area of the Cascade Mountains, no matter what the signs say. A letter to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission from a Lebanon man warns of a series of crude signs posted on trees (one on a parked pickup truck) cautioning about the placement of radioactive salt licks in the area to aid in the tracking of deer and elk by satellite. It cautions readers against eating or touching animals or getting near any salt licks.

Amused officials of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said no such action has been taken and point out both the bad spelling and a toll-free telephone number on the sign that, said one spokesman, “sounds like a porn recording from what little I listened to.” The signs have been seen near trailheads to Hortense Lake and Dry Creek._

So what’s your guess? Local anti-hunting group or one seriously sly local hunter who wants the area all to himself? Whoever it is, they’re brilliant…