Has it actually come to this? Seriously? Warned to stay off our own public lands because they’ve been taken over by the drug cartels? It’s apparently happening in Oregon.

From this story in the Mail-Tribune:
Deer hunters will be taking to the woods en masse next weekend during the middle of the marijuana harvest season, and police are warning hunters to steer clear of any suspected gardens for their own safety.

_Already this season, two bowhunters have reported confrontations with armed guards from suspected marijuana gardens on public land in southern Jackson County, which law enforcement officials say has become a growing area for Mexican drug cartels. Hunters who stumble upon features such as irrigation pipes, manually widened game trails, garbage piles or even the smell of cooking tortillas should steer clear and avoid confrontations that could prove dangerous.

__”You need to turn around and leave and consider yourself lucky,” Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said. “If you push the issue, you might get yourself in a situation you’ll regret.”

Hunters or anyone who believe they have stumbled upon a marijuana garden are urged to take notice of their location and leave quickly by retracing their steps.
Damn, maybe that bullet-proof tweed isn’t such a bad idea, after all…