Okay, here are the top 10, in descending order from the entries we received for the contest we posted on September 24. (If I had to pick again tomorrow, I’d probably come up with a different list. What can I tell you? These are the ones that struck me as the funniest today.)


[10] After successfully modifying salmon genes and engineering what is now known as Frankenfish, Geneticist and avid Deer hunter, Dean Helmquist has struck gold again. “The goal here was to create a hybrid whitetail species that could compete with timber wolves for the top predator spot. These deer will actually hunt down and kill entire wolf packs. After the wolves are eradicated we will hunt these deer. I don’t think we will have to worry about deer being put on the endangered species list anytime soon.” -ENO

[9] Taking full advantage of trail cameras and pre-season scouting, Jim and Bob were able to score on a buck they had nicknamed “Snarls Barkley” -backlash

[8] No one guessed this would happen with the reintroduction of wolves. -daltonzach

[7] Would ya look at the G2’s on that one… -Newt

[6] We found him like this. He had a Field & Stream opened to the back page. We figured he just laughed his head off. -MD28

[5] Times are tough, shot a bear and a deer last fall but could only afford one mount. -jvf

[4] See what happens when you trade taxidermy work for a case of beer. –joshd

[3]His mother still walks with a limp. -jager.30-06

[2] Once upon a time there was a lonely coyote… buckhunter

[1] Bubba and Junior are no longer welcome on Dr. Moreau’s island. –firedawg

There were lots of good ones. It was tough leaving off some of the Twilight captions, the nod to Austin Powers, and the references to where “Camo Boy’s” hand is. In any case, there you have. Let the debating begin. And in the meantime, firedawg is our winner. How can you beat a funny H.G. Wells reference?