Hurteau: Caption Contest Winner Announced
Hurteau: Caption Contest Winner Announced


You people make it difficult to pick a winner. There were lots of good captions among your140-plus entries to the contest we posted on August 25. I narrowed them down to 12 finalists, and then pared those down to these two, which are similar:

[1] Beer! I said, “toss me a BEER!” Idiot. -Bob
[2] Dominic snagged his backcast on a tag alder as he yelled ashore to his fishing genie: “I said I sure wish I had brought SPAWN to the river!” –michigandunes

Michigandunes, you have the better pun, but what can I tell you–your delivery needs work. Had you gone with…

“SPAWN!” Dominic yelled ashore to his fishing genie. “I said I wish I’d brought a little SPAWN!”

…you’d have it hands down. As is, you have it by forfeit. That’s because -Bob, ever gracious, asked that his entry be considered unofficial, presumably because -Bob, if you remember, won our last caption contest and already has (or is about to get [I finally did send you a package, -Bob]) a new True Talker. In short, you got to hand it to -Bob. Except that -Bob, magnanimous as he is, would hate to steal michigandunes’s thunder.

So congrats michigandunes! Enjoy your new deer call. I’ll be in touch soon.

Here are the other finalists:
_Dude, you are doing it all wrong. Here, let me show you. -mvreichard
Discerning flyfishermen insist on using only fresh deer fur. -Blue Buck
Give a deer a fish feed him for a day; teach a deer to fish feed him for a lifetime -gman3186
Are YOU my mother? -jakenbake
Excuse me sir you fly is down -vayotehowler
Only locally grown fresh deer hair caddis imitations work in these waters. -elkslayer
I’d like to help you out. Which way did you come in? -Jim Riter
Hey buddy want to borrow my buck tail? –Tomcoyotes
Pssst…. don’t look at me… act like you don’t care that I’m here! Now… there is a big buck crossing planned here at 0730 Saturday morning, leave dough over there by the big rock when you leave! –Tamopin