A mule deer who was either [A] hungry and a poor planner; or [B] despondent and just wanted to end it all, recently jumped off a cliff and into Lake Powell. Maybe he was trying to prove Santa and his Reindeer Only policy wrong…

From this story in the Desert News:


_A hungry mule deer on the cliffs of Lake Powell took to the air, then jumped into the water Saturday, before being returned to solid ground by officers from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The four-by-four point buck was trapped in Moqui Canyon, about two or three miles north, or “up lake,” of Bullfrog Marina, said Sean Spencer, a conservation officer who assisted in the rescue.

__The buck had found a way down the 200-foot rock walls of the canyon, but was unable to get back up. Boaters alerted the Division of Wildlife Resources that a buck was swimming between narrow ledges. Spencer rushed to the general area, where he searched for the stranded animal. “I think there was a chance he had been there for a bit,” Spencer said. “I think he was a little bit thin.” Spotting him was one thing, but figuring out how to help him was another.

“I can’t see any good way that he’s going to be able to get out,” Spencer recalls thinking. “Any of the ledges he gets on, he’s not going to be able to climb out of the canyon, and if he gets in the water and swims, he’s got a long swim ahead of him, and if he gets turned around, he’s probably going to drown in here.” Because of the remoteness of the canyon, it would take a day for Spencer to get tranquilizers for the animal. So after consulting with some supervisors, he opted to try to lasso the buck and ferry it to safety.
So what’s your call? Merely uncoordinated or suicidal?