Nation’s Restaurant News, a magazine and Website for the foodservice industry, recently listed the top restaurant trends of 2011, according to restaurant consultant Andrew Freeman. Atop the list is pie, which sounds good to me. I’m not much of a sweets guy, but I’d give anything for another slice of the rhubarb pie I ate as a kid at Nettie’s Kitchen. Here’s to 2011 bringing us great pie ideas like pies-in-a-cup or deep-fried pie.

What didn’t make the list is wild game or anything remotely game related, which is unfortunate. I like it whenever I see venison on a restaurant menu as an exotic option for eaters looking to expand their taste buds outside the usual beef, chicken, or fish entree. Forget for a minute that what they’re eating is actually farm-raised venison and not true wild game, but maybe they’ll get a taste for it and decide to take up hunting. Or at least have a better view of hunters and hunting in general.

How about you? Do you order “wild” game when it’s on a restaurant menu? What food trends, on the list or off, are you going to try in 2011?