You would be hard-pressed to find any pointing dog owner who wouldn’t (emphatically) agree that a beautiful point is a study in artistic perfection. Very few things beat the sight of a locked-up bird dog for portraying a sense of grace, fluidity and motion while being completely still. Sporting artists have been attempting to capture that moment on canvas (and film) for years, but let’s face it, the “modern” art world wouldn’t know a pointer from a pug and doesn’t care to, either. Except for this dude (via Upland Journal):

From the artist’s statement on his website: _
Pointers explores a limbo state between moving and static images. Digital video loops made from found 16mm films depict hunting dogs on point, remaining motionless within moving landscapes._


Like taxidermic statues, the pointer’s controlled posture mimics the fate of their prey and the near stillness of a photograph. Impending violence and death is displaced from the frame of the image and suspended in time.

So what he’s done (or did. Apparently this project is from 2005) is take some old film of pointers (and a couple setters, but I won’t quibble with his title…) and simply looped it to give the illusion of passing time as the dogs stay motionless. Here’s a link to a short clip of his display. And you know what? I think it’s pretty cool. If they were offering free coffee I’d sit and watch for a while. What about you?