Some of you may know my good friend Tim Herald, who hosts the popular outdoor television show “The Zone.” Tim travels to some pretty cool places while filming his hunts, but I hadn’t known Tim long before one thing became eminently clear: He cherishes family and home in Kentucky above all, and he has a burning desire to help his children enjoy the outdoors as much as he does.


Tim had to be ecstatic after last weekend, which he spent in the field with his twin sons Will and Drew, who are 9 years old. Hunting with a Carbon Express crossbow, the Herald boys not only enjoyed some fantastic woods-time with dad, they tagged a whole bunch of game. Will started things off by shooting a doe the first morning. Not to be outdone, Drew got his hands on the crossbow and promptly shot a turkey.

Things had barely settled down when even more whitetails showed up. Drew made a perfect double-lung shot on beautiful doe! As Tim and the boys began tracking Drew’s doe, they found a third blood trail and followed it…Only to find a doe lying only 30 yards away. Tim put the puzzle together and realized that the bolt from Drew’s shot had passed completely through his target deer and lethally hit another doe standing behind her!


Three does and a turkey makes for a lot of tagging and dragging, but the Herald boys weren’t done yet. According to Tim, Will had the crossbow for the afternoon hunt…and managed to make killing shots on two more antlerless whitetails. In addition to having a wonderful day with his young guns, Tim now has a heavily-burdened freezer! Congrats to all involved!