Whitetail Hunting photo

The whitetail rut is deer hunting’s answer to the Super Bowl. No time of year can generate such enthusiasm and excitement among whitetail hunters; our seasons may last several months, but if any of us could only hunt one period, we’d focus on the weeks surrounding peak breeding.

Despite our anticipation, the rut is a dynamic, ever-changing event influenced by many variables, and keeping up with buck behavior and breeding activity a huge challenge. To help our readers, Field & Stream is launching an exciting new tool designed to keep whitetail fanatics plugged in to the latest news–in your region and around the country–regarding the whitetail rut.


It’s called “The Rut Reporters” and it promises to deliver the most up-to-date information on whitetail hunting in the country. We’ve assembled a crack team of whitetail reporters, assigned each a specific region, and given them a simple assignment: Track the rut, report on deer behavior, and recommend tactics. They’ll fulfill that assignment by reporting what they’ve learned several times a week, so that you’ll have the most up-to-date information on the rut’s progress.

To access The Rut Reporters, simply visit fieldandstream.com/rut-report. There you’ll find blog entries detailing rutting activity and whitetail behavior, share in harvest photos and success stories, watch videos, and even have the chance to weigh in on the rutting activity you’re seeing from your stand or blind.

So if you anticipate the weeks ahead like a football fan awaits the playoffs, visit The Rut Reporters and bookmark it to your “favorites” list. The information we provide will help you decide when to hunt, which tactics to use, and what mistakes to avoid. You’ll also stay motivated by reading the success stories of whitetail addicts across the country. Whether you hunt from home every day, or take one big trip halfway across the country, The Rut Report will provide the timely information you need to bring home that trophy you’ve been dreaming about since last fall. Join us today!