“The Gun Nuts” TV show completed its first run last week and is now in repeats. With season one done, we’re thinking about ways to make next year better.

To get the bad news out of the way: Elisha Cuthbert’s agent won’t return our calls. Therefore it is extremely doubtful that she will be hosting Gun Nuts, Season Two. You are stuck with me, Dave and Eddie.

However, we are wide open to suggestions as to what to cover and how to improve the show. Season One was a mix of gun reviews, gear reviews and shooting tips. We looked at a lot of new guns. We started shooting our way through Field & Stream‘s “50 Best Guns Ever Made.” We punched lots of paper and broke a lot of clay targets. Dave demonstrated and shot his Ballistic Buffalo bullet testing medium. I blew up some cantaloupes. As we plan season two, we’d like to mix up the formula a little – maybe go to some different places and do some different things. We might be able to go to some different locations, or introduce new segments. As a first step it would help us to know what you in the audience would like to see.