Who among us hasn’t dreamed of just chucking it all; quitting our dull, pointless rat-race job and moving to fishing or hunting paradise with hopes of becoming a guide and spending a couple hundred days a year on the water or in the woods. Sounds idyllic, but in reality most guides I’ve talked to say the only real way to make a decent living as a guide is to hit the lottery. Here’s one who did…

From this story on the Winnipeg Free Press:
Kimm Blaquiere finally caught the big one. The Victoria Beach resident, who runs a fishing guide business, won just over $11 million on Lotto 6/49 earlier this month. The 54-year-old father of one matched all six numbers on the Oct. 13 draw, but only came forward this week. He told officials with Western Canada Lottery Corporation he is a regular buyer of lotto tickets, but only checks his numbers once ever few months. This time, however, he had a dream that he won, so he checked out his tickets at Traverse Bay Corner — a store at the corner of Hwy. 59 and Hwy. 11 — and discovered he’d hit the jackpot. The prize of $11,023,000 is the eighth-largest lottery prize ever awarded in Manitoba.


Blaquiere told reporters Tuesday he had a dream that he won the lottery and that “all my exes were trying to get back with me.” The self-described “eligible bachelor” said he plans to make himself scarce and just be with his son, Nathan. Blaquiere also said he plans to buy a few things — a luxury SUV, and maybe a new fishing boat

I guess this mean you probably don’t have to tip him at the end of the day…