Hunting Dogs photo

Last night at the stroke of midnight the latest Man’s Best Friend caption contest came to a close. We had 180 very solid entries, which made for difficult judging. But before we get to the winner and runner ups, let me give big thanks to Costa Del Mar for providing a killer prize–a pair of Jose shades worth $179.


Now onto the good stuff. As usual, a few consistent themes surfaced among the entries. Many of you went the Titanic route but ilikehunting reached deep for this one:

That girl from Titanic needs to shave her back

The fish-finding canine idea was also a popular choice and fliphuntr14 had a good one:

I can hear the fish taunting me

MLH delivered a stroke of truth and humor with this take:

Place, Pritch! Place

The silhouette of Pritch’s ears flying in the breeze inspired many of you, including firedawg, who had this doozie:

Spotted off the coast of Florida, the elusive hammerhead spaniel

But the winner was QDMGuy for his use of history, humor, and creativity:
General Pritchard leads the charge across the Barktomac_

Congrats, QDMGuy. Send me your shipping address at and I’ll have the shades sent your way. And many thanks to all who participated. More free stuff to come soon.