It’s time for some fun this Halloween weekend. (No, I do not plan on dressing up my dog.) Pritch and I will be heading a few hours northwest to do some water work in preparation for duck season, and in the off-hours I’m going to spend some time in a deer stand. But if you’re stuck at home, then we’ve got your entertainment. This hilarious photo, courtesy of a good friend with a rambunctious Vizsla, is in desperate need of a caption.


And thanks to our friends at Cabela’s we have a six-pack of training dummies to give away as a prize, along with some assorted extra goodies I can round up from my desk.

You know the rules. But just in case: Enter as many times as you like. The captions can be short, long, straight, or funny–but funny always wins. Always. Keep them PG-13, as we have plenty of young readers. And that’s about it. For some inspiration from last month’s winners, click here.

I’ll announce the winner on November 8. Good luck. Have fun. And enjoy the weekend.