The waterfowl season in my neck of the woods starts this weekend and this is what my primary duck-hunting area looks like right now. How bad is it? Well, the spot where my truck is parked should be under about three feet of water this time of year. And there should be ducks, lots of ducks, all over it. Instead, you can just barely make out the lake (or what’s left of it) way off in the distance.


I snapped this picture from one of my duck blinds. In fact, that firewood in the bed of the truck? Yeah, that used to be one of my duck blinds. No sense in letting all that good dead-standing wood go to waste, right? Gotta make hay when the sun shines. And obviously it’s been shining quite a bit the past couple of years. We’re still in the grip of what the climatologists classify as a “moderate drought” but all I know is that virtually all of my early-season shallow-water hunting spots are simply gone, replaced by dusty little bowls of cracked and desiccated earth.

Which means if I want to hunt this year I’m going to have to switch to main lakes and other bigger, deeper bodies of water. And that means I’m going to need a boat. Not a big boat, but a small, easily-hauled layout boat, sneak box, kayak or canoe.

Anyone else in the same, uh…boat, this year? What’s your solution?