Here’s a vintage bit of mid-sixties comic-book propaganda touting the wonderful environmental and recreational advantages of…strip mining?

Yep, according to the comic below, strip mining is a benign, peaceful activity in which the mine companies actually (and I do not make this up…) make the land better than it was before. Pay particular attention to the multiple references to what an idyllic “sportsman’s paradise” these reclaimed areas are.

From the Comics With Problems website (via BoingBoing):


“Golly Gee Whillickers, dad! Can we have a strip mine near our house, too? That would be swell!”

So, all you hunters and anglers in coal-producing strip-mining states: are reclaimed strip mines a sportsmen’s paradise or is the issue a little more complex than what “Leave it to Beaver: Sportsman’s Edition” is letting on?