While perusing the Whitetails 365 blog last night, this story about bones found by some Oklahoma deer hunters caught my eye. The bones were eventually determined to not be human.

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Bones discovered Tuesday evening by deer hunters about a mile southwest of Fort Supply are not human remains, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation reported Thursday. The same area was once searched for Logan Tucker, 6, of Woodward, who was last seen on June 23, 2002. Fort Supply is about 13 miles northwest of Woodward.

“There were a lot of people hoping the bones belonged to him (Tucker),” said Stan Florence, an OSBI inspector. People are left with mixed emotions when skeletal remains are discovered not to be human, he said. Katherine Rutan, Logan’s mother, is serving a life sentence but has denied killing her son. Rutan was convicted in October 2007 of first-degree murder, even though a body has never been found.

As it turns out, I have both a professional and personal association with this story. Professionally, because as a stringer for our state newspaper I covered the entire sad, sordid arc of the story, from the very first search for Logan Tucker’s body all the way through his mother’s murder trial and conviction. Personally, because it is widely believed by many (myself included) that Logan Tucker’s body is still hidden somewhere in the vicinity of the state wildlife management area where I do the majority of my hunting. And it is a curious feeling indeed to know the possibility exists of stumbling upon such a terrible discovery.

It’s a possibility hunters and anglers are always faced with. As long as there are wild, lonely places out there, human monsters will use them as dumping grounds. Have you ever considered the possibility of stumbling across the remnants of some heinous crime? Has it ever actually happened to you?