I had grand plans for Pritch this weekend. We were headed a couple of hours northwest of Charleston (out of alligator country) to work on our duck season prep. I had prepared a simulated duck hunt with decoys, calls and guns to get my pup conditioned for what’s coming. (Some of you may remember, Pritch was a little out of control on my last duck hunt this past year.)

But on Thursday night my girl caught some sort of stomach bug. After vomiting for 24 hours, she took a brief respite to release the most god awful gas–a harbinger of what was to come–and then began to let fly from the other end for another 24 hours. Pritch was in no shape for a training weekend. In fact, she laid around mostly…sick as the proverbial dog.

So I’ve got nothing new to report here…but I do have this video that has a very tenuous connection to gun dogs. Every trainer knows the second rule of gun dog training (the first being obedience) is birds. Get your dog on birds. And more often than not, the first bird is a pigeon. Well here’s a pigeon that just a year ago this week took center stage in an Oakland Raiders game. Every time I watch this video I laugh.

For the record, after a visit to the vet, Pritch is healthy again. And we’re back to training.