A Minnesota hunter accused of hunting in a national park has been exonerated.

From this story on PRLog.Org:
_The U.S. Federal Court ruled this past week that a Minnesota hunter is not guilty of hunting deer in Voyageurs National Park last November. Michael Hogan was cleared of all charges by U.S. Federal Magistrate Judge Mary Kay Klein. Hogan owns land near the Park and has hunted on his property and adjacent lands for nearly 50 years. On November 8, 2009, he was in a deer stand watching for deer. He spotted a deer and shot it on what he maintained was private property. The wounded deer ran, stumbled and died inside Voyageurs Park.

__A Voyageurs Park ranger arrived on the scene shortly after that and claimed Hogan shot the deer in the Park. He seized the deer and Hogan’s rifle and issued a citation for illegal hunting. In a trial held last spring, the park ranger testified why he believed Hogan was hunting in the Park. The government also called a technician from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) to testify about its analysis of Hogan’s gun and the bullet that the government claimed killed the deer. Under cross examination, the BCA agent admitted that the BCA tests were inconclusive about the bullet and Hogan’s rifle. Hogan testified that he did not shoot the deer in the park. The defense called veteran hunter Bruce Carlson who analyzed the pictures and other evidence and concluded that the evidence on the landscape supported Mr. Hogan’s assertion that the deer was shot outside the Park._