The roasted carrots, (And what are those? Parsnips?), absolutely make this picture from Wild Chef reader Steve Peifer. Of course, the crunchy bits of onion on the mashed potatoes and the perfectly cooked venison don’t hurt either. Amazing looking meal.


Next we have another awesome dish from Daniel Schoonover: a bacon-wrapped, coriander-and-rosemary-crusted backstrap medallion served with a Tasso and cheddar rissoto finished with a venison stock and red wine reduction. Another beautiful meal.


I don’t know if my photo competes with either Steve or Daniel’s dinners, but I offer up the start of some fajitas I made with one of the last packages of antelope I had in the freezer. I don’t care if you call it a fajita, burrito, taco, or wrap–meat rolled up in a warm tortilla is pretty much a staple around my house for a quick, easy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Thanks to Steve and Daniel for sharing their photos. Remember to send your shots for future editions of Food Photo Friday to __

–David Draper