Check out this giant taken by Tyler Laatsch on the opening day of Wisconsin’s bow season. I spoke to Tyler on the phone, and he generously offered to share some details about the buck and his hunt.


So here’s Tyler:

I took this buck in Waupaca County, Wisconsin. After a 6-year history with this deer, including cam pictures and sheds, I arrowed him on September 18th, opening day of our bow hunting. It seems like it was meant happen. He’d been coming past my Cuddeback camera consistently at around 10:00 p.m. But then on the opener, he slipped up and came out at 7:00 p.m.


The shot wasn’t a gimme as I had to shoot through a small hole in the brush 18 yards away. I saw him mule kick and heard him go down about 45 yards away. I called my wife to tell her I got him, and she knew exactly which deer I was talking about. She told me how very proud she was of me and that she couldn’t wait to help track him. I met her and my mom and dad at the house, and we all went out together.


Once we found him, the reality set in that I had a 200-plus-pound (field-dressed) deer that wound up scoring 181 inches green gross. I am so glad that my wife and parents were there to share in this awesome experience. -Tyler Laatsch

Congrats, Tyler. Great buck. -Dave Hurteau