Everyone likes to have fun by trying to judge the score of a big buck or bull elk just by looking at a picture. Heck, you can even win cool prizes for it. But after a while all those horns start looking alike, don’t they? So why not try out your rack-scoring chops on a big Blue-green Abelard or a trophy Two-Horned Drouberhannis? Surely the Boone and Crockett Club has a category for Dr. Seuss Animals, right?

From this story on Boingboing:


_I’ve posted previously about Dr. Seuss’s “School of Unorthodox Taxidermy,” a sculpture series that Theodore Seuss Geisel created in the 1930s. Reproductions are available, but an incredibly-rare original set is now on eBay. They are currently on exhibit at the Chateau de Belcastel monument in France, but they can be yours for just $1,000,000.

__This collection would have been originally purchased in the late 1930’s. They were kept in a child’s room, and eventually retired to the storage barn next to a chicken coop in upstate New York. The set was acquired for a substantial sum in 2004. Though aged and weathered, restoration was not considered for several reasons. They are perfectly charming, and the need of a face-lift is a matter of opinion, because the personalities remain intact. The aged quality imparts character and denotes the history of these priceless pieces of Americana. These museum pieces were later copied and reproduced as limited edition sculptures by The Chase Group, the licensee of the fine art property originally created by Dr. Seuss. The limited edition Blue-Green Abelard was re-created in a smaller edition size than the other contemporary sculptures; only 375 pieces. The Tufted Gustard was 375 pieces and the Mulberry Street Unicorn was 850 pieces. All of those resin limited editions are going for big bucks, which is a good way to gage the value of the originals! The limited edition of the Blue-Green Abelard currently retails in the range of 25-28k! and The Tufted Gustard for 15k! The entire collection is sensationally popular, because the sculptures are not dead old taxidermy beasts, but Unorthodox Taxidermy, filled with whimsy and life!



_Due to the delicate nature of the sculptures, the winner of this rare collection and a guest will be flown to the Chateau where the buyer can oversee the packing, and transport the pieces safely away. Travel and lodging for three nights in the Castle’s Romantic and luxerious Tower suite is included courtesy of Animazing Gallery. This is a trip fit for a “king.”
So, who’s gonna take the first crack at scoring that Tufted Gustard? Think it’ll make the book?