Pritch loves to swim but she apparently doesn’t love to be wet. How do I know? Well, seconds after coming out of the water she tries to use my legs as a drying post. If not my legs, she’ll beeline for a nearby tree or fence. Or she’ll perform a good ol’ fashioned ground rub (as in the photo here). Lately I’ve been working on Shake–an easy and useful command to help stem her antics when wet.


To teach, simply anticipate when your wet dog is about to naturally shake and sternly say “Shake.” Do this numerous times just as your dog begins to wind up. Then praise with “good shake.” You’ll be surprised how quickly the dog picks up on it. Then use the command when your wet dog wants into the truck or house or blind.

If you’re in a situation where a dog shake is the last thing you want to happen here’s a tip: Just before the dog shakes grab its nose. A dog starts its shake from the nose and works backwards. (Don’t believe it? Check out this great video.) With your hand around the muzzle the dog can’t begin to shake, and you’ll stay dry until you’re out of spray range.

But if you’re looking for a command that that might bring you 15 minutes of fame try “Let’s Pray.” The fellow in this video taught his dog to “pray” and his YouTube video went viral. His story has been everywhere from CNN to Jay Leno. Good for him. I’m just trying to keep my pup from baptizing me. Enjoy the weekend, folks.