A potential “world-record” elk has been taken on a Texas game ranch.

From this story in Lone Star Outdoor News:
Texas Hunt Lodge client, Kyle Bauer, took the new World Record Estate Rocky Mountain Elk this weekend. Kyle Bauer and his 16 yr old son, Zach, of Humble, TX booked the hunt with Guide and Texas Hunt Lodge owner, Aaron Bulkley, back in early April. The hunt took place on Friday and Saturday on the Las Catarinas Ranch in northwest Kerr County. The first evening out, Friday, Guides Dennis Kneese and Aaron Bulkley were able to get the clients in front of plenty of big Elk ranging from 350 to 440 inches, but we needed to see the “Lightning Bull” before we let Kyle make up his mind. The Guides had named this giant 8×9 Bull Elk the “Lightning Bull” as the only time you caught a glimpse of him was when he busted out of the trees running full steam ahead, therefore no one actually knew how big he was going to be.


“…Kyle Bauer’s Bull Elk was officially measured by SCI and Trophy Game Records (TGR) Officials, and came out at a whopping 504 5/8 inches SCI becoming the new pending Estate Typical World Record Rocky Mountain Elk taken with a rifle, and 1177.4 centimeters with Trophy Game Records of the World as the largest Elk ever recorded. The “Lightning Bull” will now be honored as a Diamond Trophy (largest ever taken for that species and method of hunting) for both the SCI and TGR Record Books this coming year.

So, legitimate big-game animal or cud-chewing livestock? Discuss…