Hurteau: Don’t Tell Me I Should Have Passed Him!

Of course none of you would be so tactless. But a friend and I were just discussing this topic Wednesday afternoon, and he was bemoaning the fact that in today's antler-obsessed whitetail world, a hunter can be made to feel bad about shooting a small/young buck. I said, "I hear you."

But look. On the farm I'm going to hunt tomorrow morning, the first deer that walks into bow range--spike buck or doe--is going in the freezer. And anyone who doesn't like it can…." Well, basically I said they can lump it. Point being, yes there are Big-Buck Nazis among us, but letting them get you down is, at least in part, a you problem.

On Thursday morning, at quarter to 8, this was the first deer that walked into bow range--and I'm absolutely ecstatic to have taken him. I have no problem whatsoever with QDM, in principal, where practical. I've let plenty of bucks walk. Last November, I passed a 140-class 8 pointer in Iowa. But east-central New York ain't Iowa--especially the farm I hunt. I can't tell you how much work and how many skunks have gone into this one little deer. I'm pumped about him, and anyone who doesn't like it can…, well, you know.