A few days ago, I got a lead on an enormous, very clean Buckeye State typical buck that’s rumored to gross 195 inches. I’m trying to track the hunter down and hope to have much more info for you soon.

But in the meantime, I came across this colossus taken in northern Ohio by Mossy Oak’s Chris Paradise, who spent much of his summer scouting this particular deer. On the second day of the early archery season, he arrowed the 190-class giant at 22 yards.


Here’s the story, from Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist D’Arcy Egan. I know some of the Ohio boys on this site have been trying to convince the rest of us that their stomping grounds are full of fork horns, rattlesnakes, and medical waste. But hey guys, if want us to buy that you need to tell your fellow buckeyes to stop killing world-beater bucks.