And in other wolf-related news, an anti-wolf activist may not need to worry about what wolves are doing to elk because he won’t be hunting them anyway…

From this story in the Idaho Mountain Express:
An anti-wolf activist accused of illegally killing a trophy bull elk last year could lose his Idaho hunting and fishing privileges for life. Tony J. Mayer, a 59-year-old Twin Falls man and the founder of, was apprised of that fact by Judge R. Ted Israel at his first court appearance Wednesday on a Blaine County felony hunting charge. Israel sternly told Mayer that he is charged with “flagrant unlawful killing and/or possession of a trophy bull elk,” a crime punishable in Idaho by up to five years in prison and a one-year to lifelong loss of hunting and fishing rights.

_Mayer is also charged with three misdemeanor crimes: hunting without an elk tag, hunting without an archery permit and unlawful possession of protected wildlife. Israel told Mayer that each of those crimes is punishable by up to six months in jail and loss of hunting and fishing privileges for up to three years.

Jerome attorney John Lothspeich, who is defending Mayer, has described his client as a “lifelong dedicated hunter and fisherman._

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