Here’s one from the “where not to put your hunting camp” files…

From this story in the Burlington Free Press:
_The Vermont National Guard has posted eviction notices at two hunting camps illegally constructed on part of the federally owned Ethan Allen Firing Range in northeastern Chittenden County. Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Lloyd Goodrow said the two camps, along with evidence of all-terrain-vehicle traffic, were discovered on the 11,000-acre range about three weeks ago. He said the Guard has notified the Vermont State Police about the camps but does not know who is responsible for building them.

__No-trespassing signs are posted prominently on the borders of the sprawling range, which includes land in Bolton, Jericho and Underhill. The range is used as a year-round training area for soldiers from Vermont and elsewhere. Goodrow said live firing and military maneuvers conducted at the range could put the lives of trespassers and soldiers at risk.
Now I admit that in my misspent youth I may have made – when faced with the tantalizing prospect of fishing or hunting an awesome-looking spot – some questionable trespassing decisions. Who hasn’t, right? But I think, even being a stupid teenager, I would have drawn the line at sneaking into a live-fire range. And who knows, these dim-witted souls may even be otherwise-rational adults. The lure of forbidden access sometimes makes men do stupid things.

Have any of you ever done, in search of fish or fowl, anything stupid enough to top this?