Here’s a sign of the times: the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is set to auction off a 28-acre parcel of public land to the highest bidder.

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Twenty-eight acres of aspen woodlands, ponds and wetlands in Stillwater goes on the auction block Thursday. As part of a mandate to sell $6.44 million of state-owned land by June to help balance the state budget, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will auction off the former Jackson Wildlife Management Area just north of Long Lake. The minimum bid is $177,950.

Now it doesn’t sound like this was part of a public hunting area, and it’s not like it was a massive tract of land–but public land is public land, and it illustrates how desperate (or, depending on your point of view, misguided) state governments are right now. Any state lands, wildlife management areas or state parks on the auction block in your state?