Because of space limitations, I couldn’t get into the details of the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener in my last post regarding this gadget. Here are some of the more cogent questions you’ve asked about it, answered by the company’s Director of Marketing, Matt Bernard.– DP
Q:** What angle does it sharpen/how does it hold the angle.
A: The Work Sharp Knife Sharpener comes with two precision angle guides, one set at 40° (20° per bevel) and one at 50° (25° per bevel). To achieve the proper angle, simply set the knife in the guide, and hold it against the guide while drawing the knife through. The guides are set to hold the proper angle along the entire edge of the knife so no guesswork is required.

Q: How long will the belts last?
A: In our internal testing, the set of belts that come with the sharpener will sharpen about 100 knives before needing replacement, and in many cases will sharpen for much longer. When replacements are needed, a new set costs only $10 and are available wherever the sharpener is sold. Custom belt kits are available from the manufacturers website.

Q: What size knife can it sharpen?
A: The Work Sharp can sharpen just about any size knife, from small pen knives, up to machetes and everything in between. The flexible belts conform to whatever size knife you have.

Q: What type of edge does it grind?
A: The flexible belts on the Work Sharp create a convex grind on the knife blade. This is also known as a cathedral, or apple seed grind. In our testing this type of grind stays sharper for longer than a traditional flat or hollow grind.

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