This is from William Doughty, CPT US Army. I loved it. Those of you who were or are in the Service will grasp its profound wisdom.
You know you’re in trouble when you hear:
a Lieutenant say, “In my experience…”
a Captain say, “You know, I’ve been thinking…”
a Sergeant say, “Trust me, sir…”
and a Warrant Officer say, “Hey sir, watch this…”_

Next order of business…some time before the debacle on November 2, this blog will run an election guide, written by myself, that will answer all your political questions. Watch for it. And watch your backs.


Finally, on a more cheerful note, here’s something really different. We don’t pay much thought to sandbags unless one of the things breaks a seam in our car. This is because they’re homely and made of old shot bags, coin bags, and ballistic nylon. However, Benchmaster, a company that specializes in shooting accessories, is turning out bench bags made from buffalo hide. They are very well designed, nicely made, very tough, and to put it plainly, beautiful. Whould’a thought? I’m quite taken with mine. A front bag, filled at the factory, is $69.95; the rear bag, ditto, is $39.95.