Whitetail Hunting photo

Is there more legal trouble in the Nuge’s future? Maybe. Remember this story about his game violations in California? Now the state of South Dakota is investigating whether Ted Nugent may have violated the terms of his sentence when he went hunting recently at a South Dakota preserve.

From this story in the Rapid City Journal:
_State wildlife officials have begun an investigation to determine whether musician Ted Nugent broke the law when he hunted pheasants near Hot Springs prior to his Oct. 16 appearance in Rapid City. Nugent was featured at a Second Amendment rally sponsored by Citizens for Liberty, a Rapid City area tea party affiliate. Before the rally, Nugent shot pheasants and partridge on a hunting preserve east of Hot Springs, under a special preserve license and regulations. Now there is a question about whether Nugent could legally hunt in the state, because of his no-contest plea in August to two counts of misdemeanor big-game violations in California.
_Nugent pleaded no-contest in Yuba County Superior Court to hunting deer in a baited area and failing to get an authorized signature on a deer tag. Other misdemeanor charges were dropped in a plea bargain with prosecutors there. News stories on the case report that Nugent paid a $1,750 fine. They do not mention a license revocation, which is imposed for certain game violations.South Dakota is part of a network of states that honor the hunting and fishing revocations imposed by other states. If Nugent’s license was suspended or revoked there, it would be illegal for him to purchase a license and hunt here. Andy Alban, GF&P law enforcement administrator in Pierre, would not discuss Nugent or the GF&P investigation on Monday. “It’s against our policy to comment on active investigations,” Alban said.
Your thoughts? Are they just picking on the ‘Nuge, or does the law mean the law regardless of who you are?