The story about two American jetskiers being attacked by pirates on Falcon Lake in Texas doesn’t add up, according to Mexican authorities.

From this story in The Monitor:
_Mexican investigators question whether a McAllen man actually was shot and left for dead during an alleged pirate attack on Falcon Reservoir last week. Tamaulipas State Police investigators launched their search for 30-year-old David Michael Hartley on Saturday. U.S. authorities believe Hartley, a Colorado native who moved to McAllen for his job at an oil field service firm, is dead. His wife, Tiffany Young-Hartley, 29, reported they came under fire from suspected pirates Thursday on the Mexican side of Falcon Reservoir. Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, the local Tamaulipas State Police commander charged with the search for Hartley, said investigators have found no evidence of the purported attack or Hartley’s remains.

__Investigators received two sets of GPS coordinates from U.S. consular officials in Nuevo Laredo near where Hartley, 30, was last seen. But with only the coordinates and no other information, Mexican officials found nothing during an exhaustive search on land and water at least a mile around each reported location. “We are blind with a stick trying to find him,” Flores, the Miguel Aleman-based state police supervisor who oversees Falcon Lake, said in Spanish.

Hartley and his wife had crossed on personal watercrafts from the U.S. side of Falcon Reservoir to view the ruins of a church in Old Guerrero, a Mexican town abandoned when the lake — which spans the international border — was created in 1953 by damming the Rio Grande. Young-Hartley told Zapata County sheriff’s investigators that gunmen approached them from another boat and opened fire, shooting her husband in the head. She went back to try to save her husband but fled the area amid a flurry of gunshots as her attackers pursued her into U.S. territory, Young-Hartley told investigators. A third party came forward and told deputies of seeing a personal watercraft speeding back from Mexico while a boat followed behind and its occupants fired at the smaller craft. But Mexican investigators question Young-Hartley’s account and the coordinates where they spent Saturday searching for evidence of the shooting.

“We are not sure,” Marco Antonio Guerrero Carrizales, the district attorney in Miguel Aleman whose area also covers Falcon Lake, said in Spanish. “We are not certain that the incident happened the way that they are telling us.” Guerrero questions why neither Hartley’s personal watercraft nor his body — investigators were told he was wearing a life vest — have not been found in the water. Guerrero said his office has not received any formal report from Hartley-Young — a necessary step to launch a formal investigation — but looked into the matter amid pressure from Tamaulipas and U.S. authorities._