The saga of the chicken-fried bear attack continues as the hunter who was attacked by four black bears several days ago claims that he, in point of fact, did not smell of Col. Sanders.

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_Chad Fortune says he can’t recall all of the details. But he remembers lots of yelling (his own) and snarling (from the bears) and frantic flailing with fists and feet as he fought off two black bears among a group of four that attacked him as he was perched in a tree-stand bow hunting deer Saturday evening. Fortune, who spoke to the Free Press this evening, said the fight ended in a draw, though he’s the only one that went to the hospital. He needed surgery and 40 stitches to repair a gash in his leg.

“…Fortune, a 21-year-old service adviser for a car dealership, called the Free Press today to dispute a characterization by state officials of his attackers as “a sow and three cubs.” “They may have been related. But those were full grown bears,” Fortune said. Fortune said he was annoyed by reports from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment that suggested the attack might have been attributed to his attendance at a family picnic earlier in the day, and the smell of fried food clinging to his clothes. “I had different clothes on … hunting clothes. There was no smell of picnic on them,” he said. “I don’t know what happened.”_