A video purporting to show a member of the country-western group Montgomery Gentry killing a tame black bear in a one-acre enclosure in 2006 is making the rounds of Youtube.

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_A video surfaced on YouTube this week that appears to show that the shooting of a black bear by country music star Troy Gentry back in 2006 was staged, and that the bear was actually a tame animal. The video was obtained by an animal rights group that went to court and forced U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials to release it. In the video, Gentry, a Lexington native and part of the group Montgomery Gentry, is revealed to be “hunting” in a one-acre enclosed area surrounded by an electric fence. According to the video, the bear was actually a tame bear owned by Gentry’s hunting partner, Lee Marvin Greenly. Greenly according to the video, did not want to pay to have needed dental work done on the bear, named “Cubby.”
_The video shows Gentry killing the bear with a bow and arrow. Gentry pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of falsely registering a trophy bear. He was fined $15,000 and put on three months probation.