Pritchard never met a rock, stick, extension cord, shoe, sock (click here for details), clump of potting soil, Netflix envelope, or sundry other things that she didn’t want to eat (or attempt to eat). But so far she can’t top this Beagle, named Sophie, from Colorado Springs. According to reports from KABC, Sophie followed a Lab around that was digging up nails…and then she proceeded to eat the unearthed nails.

When the owner realized Sophie was having trouble lying down she took her to the Vet. An X-ray revealed a mass of nails in the pooch’s belly. When the Vet went in to remove them, he also found the dog’s rabies tag. Tasty.

Miraculously the dog survived. But the Vet warned that once dogs have a taste for metal they might keep eating it.

I’ve written about dogs that ingest crazy things (click here for a Rottweiler that ate an engagement ring), but this story may top it. Anyone else have a dog that loves to eat…everything? Let’s hear about it.