I’ve said it many times: I’d do just about anything for Pritch. Even if she seems to pick up one bad habit (chasing deer) just about the time I eradicate a different annoying habit (whimpering in the blind). But I might draw the line at spending some time in the clink.

According to a report from NewsOK, a man from Hydro, Oklahoma took the law into his own hands when his dog was picked up and sent to the pound. Edwin Fry, 73, rode his lawnmower to the pound and used a pair of bolt cutters to free his poodle, Buddy Tough. He told a reporter he was fearful that Buddy Tough would be killed. During his getaway, however, he was stopped by the police. (I’m thinking a lawnmower isn’t the best getaway vehicle.)

The poodle had allegedly been causing trouble with the neighbors, and had one previous visit to the pound. Fry had already warned the police to stay away from his dog and threatened to use his shotgun. Not surprisingly, Fry was carted off to jail, where he could not post the $1,000 bond. Sadly, while Fry was incarcerated, Buddy Tough was put to sleep.

Fry’s current charges include allowing an animal to run at-large and a breaking-and-entering misdemeanor. But nothing will bring back his pup.

He told the NewsOK: “He’s flying with the angels, and I know I’ll see him again.”