Scott Bestul has been hosting and “guiding” me all this week in southeast Minnesota. On Wednesday morning, he put me in another gar hole and sat in one of his sweet spots nearby. By 11 am I’d seen a fox squirrel, a flicker, and a pair of juncos. Not wanting to use up all my luck in one spot, I decided to get down and head back to the truck. When I got there, Bestul called on his cell to tell me he’d arrowed this:


Seriously, we’ve had a great week so far. This dandy 10 came off a cornfield, crossed a patch of CRP, jogged down into a timbered bowl, and waltzed right under Scott’s bow stand. He shot him at 10 yards. Meanwhile, I’ve had a great time watching bucks run in circles around my stand at 45 yards. Head over to the The F&S Rut Reporters to check out a short video of Scott’s buck.